About Us

In 1956, Shuler Hughes developed his distinctive barbecue sauce, but it wasn’t until forty years later that his son, Norton, finally decided to share the family’s delicious secret with the world with Shuler’s Barbecue. At Shuler’s, Southern hospitality is on full display, with the friendliest staff around – ready to bring you a refill of some sweet tea with a smile or to just shoot the breeze. The food is what brings you to Shuler’s, but it’s the people that bring you back.

Shuler’s delivers barbecue the way it ought to be - no bones about it! Though the buffet is all you can eat, Norton likes to affectionately refer to the dining experience at Shuler’s as “eat ‘til ya hurt!” Wherever you call home, you can bring Shuler's great taste and Southern hospitality with you: Shop our selection of world famous barbecue delivered right to your door.

We hope you like good old-fashioned home cooking, because that’s what you’re going to get from Shuler’s. We use recipes passed down through the generations of the Hughes family, and Norton and his wife, Lynn, maintain his father’s time-honored methods of cooking pork, chicken and ribs over wood coals. The “low and slow” method is the only way to cook truly authentic Southern barbecue, and that’s how we do things ‘round here.

From our family to yours, thank you for following our journey and letting us share our meals with you!